I just spoke about new and old media and their death. Who will be first? I just told it, not for everybody. secretly at Barcamp Caspian. Now we have problems with Internet, thanks to general sponsor – Delta Telecom, the monopolist in Internet sphere in Azerbaijan. Now sitting at last presentation about future of BarcaMPS AND REMEMBERING ONE MAN CALLING ME FROM Budapest AND ASKING QUESTIONS ON HOW WILL BARCAMPS DEVELOPED. Sorry about different fonts and no links, i will update it in 3 hours and wil write more. now I am blogging very fast. Sitting in the room with the first Barcamper in CIS is very interesting. Tomorrow we will have presentations from sponsors and some interesting events. Stay tuned!
I have leared that the end of Barcamps is close. Everything is about death today 🙂 We had presentation from TOL people from Uzbekistan, Czech republic, Georgia and Azerbaijan. New media is developing!