Just learned from Opera developer, that it is possible to translate browser into local languages of Caucasus and that they have earned from CIS the most part of their revenues. So they need now provide more services for local people. Delta Telecom says, that they still provide 75-80 % of ISPs in Georgia, working with such countries as Iran, Turkmenistan. These doesn’t like Internet, but we are providing it for them. Delta is the only company getting Internet and selling it for other providers. So it is nice to listen to real monopolist. What is interesting – in previous presentation on Opera we did not have Internet, now we have in this room! So that’s perfect to see how man from Internet monopolist took Internet with him into our room. Hola!
Update!!! Delta Telecom will have data center in 2 months, the biggest in region and they want all web-sites to place there. So may be Azerbaijan will see more problems, as it is in Kazakhstan. Officials could change law and make all web sites to be housed in Azerbaijan and then to censor them. Now Delta Telecom has them for free, but what will happen in future?
Update 2: Delta want to “decrease” prices for 3 times, if everything will be based in Azerbaijan. Right now they want all international mirrors to be located here too. Will see in couple of months.
Update 3!!! Delta Telecom officially announced, that Azerbaijan has only 3-4 % of broadband users, the rest dial-up users. That’s why nobody could see bright realities and end users need very fast changes.