It took some time to add something new here, but it is very interesting updates. As long as Turksat worked as the best suitable satellite for not only Turkish, but the biggest Azerbaijani and Georgian channels Caucasus did not have own system to think about many technological aspects of data transferring. Now, when Azersat is declared to be sent ‘upstairs’, Internet and other digital learning systems could be applied in South Caucasus countries more actively.

Here is information, which discovered and showed only here. It is always problem to find such interesting information. Not for us and you anymore. Please remember to link all used information to this blog. In another case you could have problems.

Azersat will be sent to its orbital situation in the end of 2009. According to 2 different calculations it will cost Azerbaijan between 100-140,000,000 USD. What Azerbaijan will get instead of it is possibility to take the biggest channels from Turksat (Turkey), Express AM-2 (Russia) and Hotbird (Europe) and also add local and regional TV stations for larger audience along with channels of other countries. This is only regarding TV opportunities.

How orbit place obtained?

Government of Azerbaijan and Ministry of Communications and Informational Technologies has worked a lot on it. At the first round, they have decided to buy 57°, but it appeared to be very expensive and there was social problem, which we describe below. It tool long time to decide on place, but 43,0°E which could be close to Turksat 42,0°E was good opportunity. In this case people, who accustomed to Turkish channels in Azerbaijan and other countries, will be able to want both satellite TV’s, without changing position of antennas. According to it is already known position for Azersat. Satellite, which will work from 2010, should have position as below in chart:


50° East




According to CaucasusNewMedia information 50° East position is a property of Turksat, and government of Azerbaijan did not bought, but rented it. Already rented and needed agreement signed with Türksat Uydu Haberleşme Kablo TV ve İşletme A.Ş. According to Interfax new agency, price of renting did not announced.

New channels in Azersat

It is already decided to open ITV2- second channels inside of Public Television., which start just with new satellite. ITV, ITV2 and 3 state owned radio stations frequencies in satellite will be under coding. Lider TV, which is now in Hotbird, also will appear in Azersat too. It will have BISS coding. According to CacasusNewMedia’s information, there should be totally 45 channels from Azerbaijan, including regional and to be opened.

Some of channels already bought TP’s in Azersat and paid for 2 years. There are not some well known country-wide and regional channels, for example – ANS. They are waiting for internal and AZersat’s approval.

Who else?

Only serving Azerbaijan is not good point for commercial project, so it is planned to invite and to have (!)Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Kara Kalpak’s and Tatarstan channels in Azersat, also to include cable television providers into the channel lists. Cable TV (supposedly KaTV from Baku) will be in coded frequencies. There could be some discussions under way.

Kazsat vs Azersat

AS you may know, Kazsat first satellite after couple months of working stopped functioning. But Kazakhstan is planning to have more satellites: Kazsat 3 in 2013, Kazsat 4 in 2016 and Kazsat 4 in 2020.

Having more channels without license 🙂

According to CaucasusNewMedia’s information, state owned and state financed channels – AZTV and ITV will be only in Azersat. Even for possibility to increase number of channels lawyers found holes. According to the law and internal documentation of National Television and Radio Council it is possible to open new thematic channels within older one and to broadcast from satellite without additional license. For example, Space TV or ANS could open new channel any time they want.

Still under discussion…

There are areas which still under discussion, but will be decided soon. Azersat should be actively used for mobile communications and Internet.

Also some Russian channels could appear in Azersat.

2 out of 10 companies, which should produce satellite already selected.

Sci-Fi and Universal Channel could appear in Azersat. Even Discovery Channel and some other will be translated into Azerbaijani and added to Azersat.  These channels will appear under cable TV’s coding.

Here is a list of TV channels, which already decided to ‘go to’ Azersat:

01. Aygun TV (Samakhi – Zagatala)

02. Xachmaz TV (Xachmaz)

03. Simurq Mtv (Tovuz)

04. Xayal TV (Guba)

5. Ttv (Tovuz)

06. Dunya TV (Sumqayit)

07. Ctv (Lankaran)

08. Shemkir Tv (Shemkir)

09. Sheki Tv (Sheki)

10. Vatan Tv (Shamakhi)

11. GUTB TV (Guba)

12. Alternativ TV (Ganja)

13. Nakhchivan channel (Nakhchivan)

14. Mingechevir TV (Mingechevir)

15. Kapaz TV (Ganja)

16. AZTV (Baku)

17. Lider TV (Baku)

18. Space TV (Baku)

19. İctimai TV – ITV (Baku)

20. İctimai TV 2 – ITV2 (Baku)

21. Khazar TV (Baku)

22. ATV (Azad Azerbaycan) (Baku)

23. Balakan tv (Balakan)
24. Qafqaz tv (Guba)