Starting this blog wan in my mind from the late spring, but projects just started and I was full of job. Now, when new media is started to develop and even global financial crisis (feeled here in Caucasus too) could not stop it – I am begining. The second issue, influence me – is the real increasing in the role of new media for civil society.

Th issue, that YouTube is popular in here appearing now, when we see use of this new media tool for real citizen activities. In the beginning of the month there appeared a video on violence in army. Spokesman for Ministry of Defense were fast to react, that it is not real: ‘This video tape is a “good” play. It seems that by wearing the military uniform and recording this on the cell phone, someone tried to create a material about violence in the army.’ Actually he was right. But this event of using new media for social change is worked and Ministry of Defense started wide investigation. As a result of that, they found no such people, which appeared in video, in this governmental structure. But today it is found, that this video was real and people in there were not actors, but soldiers from … Internal Force. So 2 guys arrested, 2 fired.

Talking is good, but showing is better. We see real changes and possible to influence for social change through new media. Actual stuff is here to help officials to find the ‘pain points’ and resolve them.

Now we have one more result of this investigation. Azerbaycan.Tv and Youtube published new video about violence in army (which happens in one of the hospitals). Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence said, that they have started new investigation. May be this time they will find something inside. You can see new video here too.