My previous post have been read by 60 people, so this inspired me after all to continue. Also there is real effect on it, when one of ‘bad guys’ founded in army hospital in Alyat town and there could be more. So thanks to new media some changes in Azerbaijani army could be seen y everybody. Actual stuff is out of here, when according to some agencies, Ministry of Defense prohibited use of phones with cameras (so, not all of them). Is it strange for you?

I hope, Internet connection in Caucasus countries will be more cheaper and it will allow people to watch the videos and podcasts. But for now we do have some awkvard prices, which probably may change soon. Caucasus Online, which is in reality monopolist in Georgia, did better job to provide specail fiber-optic line under Black Sea to Bulgaria. It make sense, when you have direct line to Southern Europe. But in a recent war and Russian army bombed line in Gori, which after rebuilding will be the best solution. Now Georgia get 78% of its Internet from Azerbaijan’s Delta Telecom, which is also monopolists (and bigger) and actually get all Internet from Russia (via Scandinavian countries).

Mobile Internet area were better in mobile Internet via 3G, which is still is not allowed in Azerbaijan. But Armenia just started with WiMAX, which is much better.

The biggest operator “ComStar Tele-Systems” of Russia and CIS countries and “Cornet-AM” CSJC “Comstar-Tele-Systems” Daughter Company will start its service in Armenia, which will invest WIMax technologies

So everybody who use Internet, will be able use it even from the car.

Actually Comstar is under Systema Group of companies, which is very close to Putin’s goverment. So Russia took this sphere of business in Armenia too. At the same time nearly 18 towns there connected to WiMAX. Russia itself will start with WiMAX at the end of year. There is also information, that Azerbaijan planning with it in March 2009, presumable under same Delta Telecoms umbrella.

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