June 2009

Who said it is impossible to gain popularity via new media in country with low level of online media development? Especially in Caucasus… One guy from Mingrelia, western Georgia have been caught by traffic police and as always recorded by cameras and showed on TV, that everybody laughed at him.
Then his video appeared in YouTube and have got 11.150 viewers in a country with near-to-zero new media development! That’s incredible.
So next step was taking him to very popular show. Last step – he has got contract with country-wide TV channel! Perfect work Koxora!

I just decided to write blog every day here or in New Media part of TOL blogs.

This time masterpiece comes from Azerbaijan Statistical Committee, which recently showed, that in 2008 Azerbaijan imported 34… donkeys and mules. That’s totally strange. Especially when things come to prices: The total cost 179.700 USD has been paid! So one donkey (or mule) cost 5285 USD 29 cents, which is incredible. It is nearly 5 times (may be more) expensive, that to buy donkey in Azerbaijan. i will get prices of donkeys here and inform you soon 🙂

So who and why needed this pure-blooded animals?